History is at the mercy of its authors, so don’t let anyone else define you in their own version of your history. The future of history depends on who gets to write it, and that’s how it has always been


A serial entrepreneur and a market-seasoned professional, Sanjeev Kumar is the recipient of the "Southeast Asia Young Achiever's Award," Mr. Kumar oversees business activities in more than 30 countries in his role as the member of the board of directors’ of Delamore and Owl Group. Since 1956, the Delamore and Owl Group is a privately held group of companies with operations in over 30 countries.

The group’s principal activities involves commodity trading, consultancy, ICT, Healthcare, renewable energy, construction, financial services, mining, transport & communication among others Acting as chief spokesman, Mr. Kumar additionally takes charge of the management and is a member of the credit committee of the group; he also provides state- of-the-art technical analysis.

He holds dual master's degrees in Business Administration and International Commerce & Finance. Utilising his expertise and experience, Mr. Kumar has responsibilities which encompass assets, investments, training, research, emerging markets, high-risk ventures, and business development.

He is proficient in English, Hindi, and has a workable knowledge of Russian.

The story of your failures will only sell if people are convinced that, you eventually did succeed in the end

Association & Honours

  • Fellow - British Association of Entrepreneurs, Institute of Management Specialists.
  • Member - Global Development Network, Global Knowledge and Economic Council, Management Centre Europe, European Economic Association among others.
  • Nominated for the business leader of the year award 2004.
  • Winner of the South East Asia Young Achievers award 2002.
  • Member of the society of authors of London.
  • Member of the Authors Guild of New York.
  • Contributing member of National Space Society.
The man in the mirror is not you, but a reflection. And how you see, perceive and interpret that reflection is, completely dependent on the man you have learnt to be inside your own mind

Advisory Role

Has served as economic advisor to the government of Surinam; City of Almaty- Kazakhstan among others and a number of companies in the private & public sector.

We carry our values, cultures and traditions in our minds, and they get reflected through and by our actions. And we judge not a person, but our own interpretation of their actions or inactions

Current Roles

  • Director & Group CEO, Delamore & Owl group of Companies.
  • President, Delamore Food & Beverage Holdings Ltd
  • Founder, 9VISIONS Ltd
  • Founder IMAGINATION@work
This world is special only because you are a part of it


Founded and supports “Imagination@Work Ltd “. It is an organisation built on the idea that imagination is more powerful than knowledge, as knowledge derives from a human imagination.

Be it religion, culture, a nation state, economy , culture among others human ideas, were all conceived as imagination inside a human mind.

We are all information arranged in a specific way by evolution, and even after our deaths, the information lives on


  • Has authored various articles for Born2invest; BusinessMusings; CNBC ; CoolAvenues ; The Retail Biz ; The Mechanics among others
  • Author of the books “ Poems of Self Discovery “ , “ Journey of a Human Mind “ and “ A Wandering State of Mind “ .
Change is an inevitable process and the only constant, and so is evolution. Circumstances can make or break, and reveal a man. So your circumstance will never define you, but how you react to your circumstances surely will

Skills & Expertise

  • Technical Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Advisory Consultancy
  • Corporate Management
  • Investments
  • Restructuring
  • Corporate Finance
  • Private Equity
  • Credit
  • Capital Markets
  • Asset Management
  • Trading
  • Investment Banking
No one is ever born with experience or a manual on how to live a human life, but we learn to live through a process of trial & error

Professional Journey

  • September 1997 - June 2000: Started his career in Wall Street working for major New York based Investment Bank
  • July 2000 - Present: Director & Group CEO at Delamore & Owl Group of Companies
  • October 2005 - Present: Managing Director at Delamore Consulting Ltd
  • October 2011 - Present: Partner at Delamore Capital
  • February 2012 - Present: President, Member of the Board at Delamore Food & Beverage Holding Company Ltd
  • Nov 2017 - Present: Founder & CEO, DTM Global Holdings Ltd
  • October 2018 - Present: Founder, 9VISIONS Ltd
  • Februray 2019 - Present: Founder, IMAGINATION@work
Eyes don’t see and appreciate beauty, a mind does. Based on its own understanding of what is beauty. And that understanding comes from how a mind was or is conditioned


  • Harvard Business School: Corporate & Communication Management
  • Western International University: Masters in Finance & Commerce
  • University of Pennsylvania: Business Administration - Masters, specialisation in Finance
  • Kyiv National University: Diploma in Russian Language and maths
  • Dow Jones University: Technical Courses - Fixed Income & Derivatives Trading; technical analysis and option strategy